What should I do if I need an emergency transfer?

What should I do if I need an emergency transfer

From where, when and why? Generally the people need an emergency transfer from hotel or anywhere to airports. Because they have to arrive to planet. Because of this they need an emergency transportation.

Firstly, we must say that we cannot provide fast emergency transfer. Because we are not only transportation agency. We are VIP transfer and tour agency which provides luxury, special and private, comfortable transfer to the guests. In Turkey we have to provide some details to the police and official departments for our work and transfer organisation before services. Also, we don’t wait any guest at the airports or ports. When you request a VIP transfer or Cab service, we start our transfer organization.

  • So, we prepaire our luxury vehicles for you.
  • Our driver complates all process for you.
  • We check your flight or travel details, times.
  • We send the vehicle to the port or airport.

Because of this we need minimum 2 hours before your arrival. If you need an emergency transfer, you have to inform and request a VIP transfer from us minimum 2 hours ago.

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